Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

Guys...have you ever facing this trouble, you have received your salary, but two or three days later, you have no cent at all. Its so scary. And we think that our salary never enough to fulfill our necessary in one month. That true, but we have to think, nowadays, many dismissal happen everyday. Its all about global crisis which occurred in every country. Thanks God, we still have job. So we have to save our money.
1. Make a list item to buy.
Household necessary become priority. Foodstuff is must item to buy. And then secondary items.
2. Buy the package items.
The item’s price which wrapped in packages usually more cheaper than you buy it one by one.
3. Save your 20% income as soon as possible.
When you received salary, save it about 20 or 30 % in bank and try not to take it except in urgently situation.
4. Use your credit card wisely.
Remember, credit card is not for style. It means that you have debt to banks. So if you think that having credit card more than one is cool, it is the big mistake. It means that you will have many debt. So its enough if we have only one credit card. And remember, use it wisely.
5. Do not fixated by discount or sale.
Guys, its impossible to get high quality product with lower price. It might be the rejected product or invalid product.

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