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9 Cara Membentuk Tubuh Langsing

Mendambakan bentuk tubuh langsing? Ada 9 cara berikut ini dan berusaha disiplin melakukannya.

1. Kurangi karbohidrat
Tak perlu menghilangkan daftar makanan berkarbohidrat dari menu sehari-hari Anda. Tapi pilihlah yang kandungannya paling minim, seperti kentang dari nasi. Atau pasta yang terbuat dari kacang-kacangan bukan dari gandum.

2. Sup sebagai snack
Jadikan sup, terutama yang mengandung banyak sayuran, sebagai pengganti snack. Penelitian di Pennsylvania State University membuktikan, sup sayuran lebih ampuh mengurangi berat badan daripada low fat snack.

3. Bersahabat dengan lemak
Menurut ahli nutrisi, Fiona Kirk, menyantap lemak tak jenuh 20 menit sebelum makan membuat otak berpikir bahwa Anda sudah kenyang sehingga Anda tidak ingin makan banyak saat jam makan.

4. Semprot minyak
Saat memasak, jangan menuang minyak sayur. Sebaiknya semprotkan saja minyak ke dalam wajan menggunakan oil spray. Cara ini dapat mengurangi kandungan lemak pada masakan. Lebih baik lagi menggunakan olive oil daripada minyak sayur.

5. 24 hours detox
Mau detoks alami secara cepat? Coba cara yang disarankan Theresa Cheung dalam bukunya The Lemon Juice Diet. Minum empat gelas lemonade sehari, yaitu minuman yang terbuat dari 2 sendok teh air perasan jeruk, sejumput chayenne pepper (banyak dijual di supermarket), 300 ml air putih, dan 2 sendok teh sirup apel. Diminum 30 menit sebelum sarapan, 10 menit sebelum snack pagi, 10 menit sebelum snack sore, dan 10 menit sebelum makan malam. Kalau perlu, bawa minuman ini ke kantor.

6. Green food
Perbanyak menyantap makanan hijau alias sayur dan buah-buahan. Bahkan, minum pula jus yang terbuat dari sayuran. Makanan ini hanya mengandung maksimal 54 kalori per porsi.

7. Minum probiotik
Bakteri baik sangat dibutuhkan tubuh untuk meningkatkan imunitas tubuh. Maka itu, sebaiknya banyaklah mengonsumsi minuman probiotik yang dijual bebas. Kalau perlu, mengonsumsi pil probiotik yang dijual tanpa resep dokter.

8. Hindari pemanis buatan
Banyak orang menghindari gula dengan alasan diet. Untuk mengatasi kebutuhan akan rasa manis, gula diganti pemanis buatan. Padahal, menurut para ahli, minuman diet dan pemanis buatan justru akan membuat tubuh mendambakan gula asli. Maka itu, lebih baik menggunakan gula asli, tapi jumlahnya dikurangi.

9. Makan pepaya
Kandungan digistive enzymes (enzim pencerna makanan) buah yang satu ini lebih tinggi dibanding buah lain. Enzim ini membantu mengurangi perut kembung dan mengeluarkan lemak dari tubuh. Jadi mulailah perbanyak makan pepaya.

Jumat, 29 Mei 2009


Spa is become a must do for many modern women. Going to a spa is one way to refresh yourself from stress. So here are several recommended finest spa in Jakarta and Bali.
This place is so exotic. Located on the top of natural rocks amidst the Indian Ocean, and is equipped with a rain shower and a wide bathtub daily inundated with 500 rose petals.The two hour long rebalancing aroma sensation treatment is designed to provide you with total relaxation. Body massage is conducted using aromatherapy-laden items while facial treatments is done in conjunction with Thermes Marins product, seaweed based scrubs, maskers and anti aging serum.
Medical Spa by Healthy Choice is the pioneer detox and medical spa in Indonesia which integrated the western medicine and naturopathy methods for optimum and holistic health. So we can disappear toxic from our body. The goal is help customer achieve an optimum state of well being and treat the root cause rather than to suppress it with drugs. Its guiding philosophy is that the body has the innate power to heal itself, but it must first be relieved from any toxic burden. This place also offers Balnotherapyh, which originally come from France and the first in Indonesia, which is said to be good for cancer patients, obesity and people with circulatory problems.
This place offers combination treatment of ancient eastern holistic methods and Western technology. The treatment starts with a deep tissue body massage in which the therapist applies a unique blend of Indonesia’s essential oils to stimulate blood circulation and reduce high tension.
Located in The Dharmawangsa Hotel sets the elegance and offers luxurious treatment. This very professional spa is serious about developing its therapeutic treatments in Indonesia, Its vast selection of treatments includes hydrotherapy specials, body enchanters and the original Chocolate treatment.
Dala Spa has been designed as an opulent wellness facility where personal indulgence takes on a whole new meaning. A choice of 7 treatment room is available, each one named after an exotic flower and taking on a different interior theme, colour and ambience. By setting a mood through the use of lighting and essential oils, Dala Spa prepares customer for a private experience that evokes the sense. Dala spa also caters exclusively to the beauty and relaxation need for couples, especially honeymooners celebrating the spirit of love as they prepare to embark on a journey through life together.
Located in one of luxurious hotel in Jakarta. The spa offers an new taste elegant tranquility . Indeed, the place is meticulously designed fir rejuvenate the sense from water trickling down the wall on one of the corners walls to egg shaped articles adorning the yoga room to a pond below the stairs. Every detail in The Spa contributes to an ambience of healing and refreshing,
The Spa offers a wide selection of services ranging from traditional Javanese massages to a special selection of treatment designed for guest who seek to improve the balance of their mind, body and soul.
This luxurious place also offers discerning travelers authentic Balinese healing experience. This unique spa celebrates traditional Balinese healing forms with treatments based on “wellness rituals” to promote positive health and anti ageing through the use of natural herbs, roots and essences. The treatments combine ancient Balinese and Indian healing traditions.
Natural spa with full range of treatment from aromatic-oil massages to traditional Balinese body polish. A stunning outdoor café is located within the Nusa Dua Spa complex, adjacent to the spa lap pool. Casual and relaxingm the atmosphere brings a sense of refreshing to the mind and soul.



Plaza Senayan reside in South Jakarta. This department stores open in 1996. Plaza Senayan has over the years successfully maintained its status as a sophisticated and elegant mall. Plaza Senayan also known as PS or Playan, indulges visitors with a variety of international and local brands for apparel, leather goods, accessories, jewelry, fine restaurants and cafes, a bowling alley. It has SOGO, a premium department stores which sell luxurious items. Plaza Senayan has Sinema XXI boast 10 brand new state-of-the-art-movies theatres.
Reside near Plaza Senayan. It incorporates an exclusive shopping mall, a multi purpose office building complex, an apartment tower and a five star boutique hotel.
Scores of prestigious international fashion brangs, such as Ted Baker, Topshop Topman, Bebe, Miss selfridge, Alain Figaret, and many others are here.
Senayan City also houses Dabenhams, the premium department store from UK, Best Denki Electronic Megastore from Japan and Fitness First Platinum
Pacific Place reside in Sudirman Central Business Distric. One of Jakarta’s more recent luxurious shopping dining and entertainment centers. Pacific Place consist of eight floors mall, complemented with an view apartment and office buildings as well as five star hotel
The Mall offers worlds famous boutiques offering top brands such as Louiss Vuitton and Bvlgari.
The mall is completed with Electronics City, where customers can find the latest gadgets. And also Kidzania, an interactive replica of a small city provided for the children,
Located in South Jakarta, Pondok Indah Mall 1 and 2 offer a comprehensive shopping experience for the whole family.
Housed in a sprawling 138,000m2 complex, the mall comprises major department stores international fashion boutique and assorted retail shops, ranging from fancy jewelries to home appliances, It it the only mall in Indonesia that is integrated with a water park, an exciting complex of swimming pools, giant slides and lazy river.
Located in Central Jakarta. One of the largest upscale shopping centers in Southeast Asi, Gran Indonesia is locate din prime area of Menteng, Central Jakarta and it spread in two buildings , the West and East Mall, linked by a multi level bridge.
An eleven-screen Cineplex, Blitz Megaplex is on hand as well Seibu, a Japanese department stores on the west mall, Harvey nihols and Channel boutique are on the east mall.
Grand Indonesia also featured Alun-Alun Indonesia, a gallery presenting traditional and contemporary art and music performances.
Located in Central Jakarta and known well as PI. It is the first high end shopping center in Indonesia, and is located on the prominent corner of Jakarta’s famous landmark, the “selamat datang” statue. The mall in linked to Entertainment X’nter the famous and high class mall too.

1. Do not lazy to clean up your face. Everyday skin faces many dust come from dirty air from vehicles, ultraviolet and many more. So remember to clean up your face at least twice a day. In the morning and before you go to bed.
2. Consume many fruits and vegetables.
As we know well that fruits and vegetables are very good not only to our body but also to our face. Fruits and vegetables contains many vitamin which can make our skin softer and brighter.
3. Drink much water.
Water can neutralize toxic in body and also make our skin more healthy.
4. Do not stress,
Don’t think anything. Just free your mind and think something funny.

Guys...have you ever facing this trouble, you have received your salary, but two or three days later, you have no cent at all. Its so scary. And we think that our salary never enough to fulfill our necessary in one month. That true, but we have to think, nowadays, many dismissal happen everyday. Its all about global crisis which occurred in every country. Thanks God, we still have job. So we have to save our money.
1. Make a list item to buy.
Household necessary become priority. Foodstuff is must item to buy. And then secondary items.
2. Buy the package items.
The item’s price which wrapped in packages usually more cheaper than you buy it one by one.
3. Save your 20% income as soon as possible.
When you received salary, save it about 20 or 30 % in bank and try not to take it except in urgently situation.
4. Use your credit card wisely.
Remember, credit card is not for style. It means that you have debt to banks. So if you think that having credit card more than one is cool, it is the big mistake. It means that you will have many debt. So its enough if we have only one credit card. And remember, use it wisely.
5. Do not fixated by discount or sale.
Guys, its impossible to get high quality product with lower price. It might be the rejected product or invalid product.


1. Prepare your self.
Casting is a gateway to become a star. So that’s why many people especially teenager join this program. Casting was held for search new people who talented in entertainment world. Prepare your self, like what kind of clothes will you wear...what kind of make up...etc...But the most important thing is don’t be a shy guy. You must have a big confident.
2. On time
Come to the location about 1 hour before. You can do some exercises while you waiting for your turn.
3. Keep smiling
Keep smiling anytime, anywhere to everyone around you. It signified that you are familiar and cheer up guy.
4. Be your Self.
When you face the camera, it good to explore your talent, but its more important to be your self. So do not try to copy some one’s style even they are your fave star. Just be you. Explore and improve your talent.
5. Do not desperate.
If you fail this casting, don’t be sad. Suppose that its not your destiny. Another miracle will come to you...so don’t stop never give up.
6. Join casting again.
Join and join casting again.