Jumat, 29 Mei 2009


1. Prepare your self.
Casting is a gateway to become a star. So that’s why many people especially teenager join this program. Casting was held for search new people who talented in entertainment world. Prepare your self, like what kind of clothes will you wear...what kind of make up...etc...But the most important thing is don’t be a shy guy. You must have a big confident.
2. On time
Come to the location about 1 hour before. You can do some exercises while you waiting for your turn.
3. Keep smiling
Keep smiling anytime, anywhere to everyone around you. It signified that you are familiar and cheer up guy.
4. Be your Self.
When you face the camera, it good to explore your talent, but its more important to be your self. So do not try to copy some one’s style even they are your fave star. Just be you. Explore and improve your talent.
5. Do not desperate.
If you fail this casting, don’t be sad. Suppose that its not your destiny. Another miracle will come to you...so don’t stop never give up.
6. Join casting again.
Join and join casting again.

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